We are awesome. You swallow semen infected with the AIDS virus.

Just an example of the DAILY bullshit emails we get from ass-fucks. Here is the latest irritating ass-fuck. He can shove the $80 up his cunt. If you can’t deal with our awesomeness, get your shirts from SLACK-JAWED PUSSIES like Fright Rags. And yes I included his email address, because I’m a dick. Feel free to email him.

“I am a big horror movie fan and ordered a few rotten cotton shirts a few years ago.  I was looking through your horror movie shirts and saw some really cool stuff and was going to place another order.  However I then began looking through your shirts in the other weird shit section and I canceled my order.  Some of those shirts are just down right horrible and crossing the line and I cannot support a company that produces them.  Your shirts making fun of the mentally disabled, supporting drunk driving, supporting rape, and some of the other ones are just plain terrible.  I just wanted you to know that you just lost out on a $80 order because of these shirts” – trantorthetroll@comcast.net

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