There Goes Da Neighba’hood: Why we need your help

BDD_indiegogoTake a good, long look to the left.

<————————– That way stupid.

Sad sight to behold isn’t it? This is the total amount of money donated as of 7/13/13

There are roughly 20 days left for the “There Goes Da Neighba’hood” Indiegogo Campaign and, sadly, we are nowhere near the targeted goal of $75,000 for the actual production.

$75k is peanuts in comparison to the many other inflated Indiegogo campaigns that can be found on the website. Its even more important for you all to realize that Pre & Post Production will be funded entirely by the Rotten Cotton crew. That’s money out of their own pockets!

The Rotten Cotton crew, myself, as well as a legion of other devoted Black Devil Doll fans have aggressively campaigned online, on foot, and through every other medium imaginable in order to get this  crazy sitcom available to you. And need we remind you that the money you give us for “There Goes Da’ Neighba’hood” will not be in vain!

We’ve set up some really nice perks for you on the campaign page including this Early Bird Special (regular $45) and this exclusive T-Shirt offer that will be extinct come the end of this campaign:

There Goes Da Neighba'hoodThere Goes Da Neighba'hood $40 Exclusive Mubia Tee

Throughout the campaign, we’ve been confronted with many questions. Shawn Lewis has even taken some time to answer many of those Frequently Asked Questions on the Indiegogo updates section. The one question that most people ask…

“You guys are the bastards behind the Rotten Cotton t-shirt company, the movie “Black Devil Doll” and the “Brawlin’ Broads” series! So ya’ll must be rich, right?”

Much like everyone else that works for a living, the Rotten Cotton crew do have lives. Much like you, your moms and dads, they have mortgages, kids, bills, taxes, and the plethora of other normal expenses that come with living. The goal for most of their endeavors (especially Black Devil Doll) has never been about making tons of money. For Shawn Lewis and Co. it has always been about the expression, the art, the ability to be creative.

This is exactly what we lack in the world of entertainment! As “fans” of the horror genre, most of you piss and moan when it comes to the next CGI Monster Fest, PG-13 horror, countless remakes of legendary films, and/or embarassing SyFy Shark-schlock. But you still hand over your hard-earned coin to be lambasted and let down time after time after muthafuckin’ time. With “There Goes Da Neighba’hood”…you know EXACTLY what you are getting! If you loved the first Black Devil Doll film than a 6 Part TV Sitcom starring everyone’s lovable-black-militant -white women killing puppet is a NO FUCKING BRAINER! This project cannot fail!

With the campaign coming to an end this Saturday, I can’t say that I’m happy with the turn out of Black Devil Doll fans. The ones that have stepped up and contributed know what side of the spectrum they fall on. For the others, I’m sure they are waiting for everyone else’s hard work to pay off so they can pirate the shit out of this effort. Its a sad but realistic stigma that will play out. For those that contributed, keep this in mind…this effort is not just because of your dollar contributions but most importantly, because of your love and commitment for independent cinema. Thank you all very much. You WILL NOT be disappointed with the outcome of “There Goes Da Neighba’hood”.

– 1985 A.D.

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