There Goes Da Neighba’hood IS happening! Still need help! Read!!!

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Hey Rotten Cotton and Black Devil Doll fans!

Our new Black Devil Doll sit-com, There Goes Da Neighba’hood, a 6-part, 30 minute per episode direct-to-DVD SERIES in the tradition of 80’s TV sitcoms IS happening! Yep over 3 hours of raunchy and hysterical Black Devil Doll goodness is about to go into production! But we still need a few more donations and the campaign ends this Saturday! We need fans to step up NOW! For your donations you are basically pre-ordering the DVD or Blu Ray, t-shirts, posters etc. For every contribution you get an AMAZING product! Please visit the campaign page and check it all out

The There Goes Da Neighba’hood show opening sequence and theme song revealed!

Wasn’t that amazing? I think you will agree our opening is comedic genius and will give you an idea of how insane our show will be! We’ve been working hard on this series for the last year and we really need fans to step up and support this amazing indie production.

There Goes Da Neighba’hood IS happening! Please READ below:


When you visit our campaign page HERE: Campaign Page don’t be alarmed that we are too far from reaching our goal of 75 K. Our dream was to shoot ‘There Goes Da Neighba’hood’ on a sound stage, with sets, and a three camera set-up. It’s the reason our goal of 75K was so damn high. Unfortunately, we haven’t received enough pledges to make that dream a reality…

As a Plan “B” we’ve almost raised enough to enable us to shoot the entire 6 episodes, on-location, locally! And those locations have been secured. That’s right, if we can raise just a little more between now and Saturday we will be able to shoot and deliver this insane series to all the fans. There is no question, this IS happening. We have already secured the locations.

For you last-minute “what’s gonna happen if you don’t raise the money” folks, we’re offering up a final, cheap perk to get you motivated and get you off the fence. Yes, it’s the Spike Lee Hack Perk! With a measly $20 pledge, you will receive digital downloads in HD of the first two episodes. And if that wasn’t enough, you will also receive Rotten Cotton T-shirt of your choice as soon as the campaign ends! How do you pass THAT up??? We are awesome! Now you can be awesome, too.

Please take the time to visit the page, check out the perks and JOIN us. We have great products for your donation and we are creating an amazing DVD series that will blow Black Devil Doll fans away. Help us take the Black Devil Doll to a new level, every donation helps us out even $5 bucks will help us! And if you are just so broke you can’t help, then please share this with your like-minded friends and family!

We Appreciate your support!
-The There Goes Da Neighba’hood Cast & Crew

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