The PIMP is coming!

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Demons on the big screen back in 85. I was just 15 then, I cut school and had to sneak into the theater, Demons was released UNRATED and they were checking ID’s… Well I LOVED Demons, It was a classic and I ended up seeing it 3 times before it left the theater.

I’m in my 40’s now and its time to relive some childhood memories!  Bobby Rhodes, who plays everyone’s favorite character from the film, Tony The Pimp,

is coming to the United States and hitting the convention circuit for the very first time! And to commemorate this occasion Rotten Cotton has knocked out this collector’s edition Bobby Rhodes Demons shirt featuring original artwork by Nathan Thomas Milliner!

(Click art for bigger version)

Bobby will have the shirts for sale at the Chiller Theater Expo in New Jersey as well as Creation’s Weekend Of Horrors in Burbank, click the links: (May 14th and 15th) (April 29th – May 1st)

If you can’t make it to the shows you will be able to get them direct from our site and Bobby’s site after the cons.


For those of you attending Weekend Of Horrors, it gets even better:

Sunday night after the show get your asses to the New Beverly Cinema for a 35MM screening of Demons! Bobby Rhodes, Geretta Geretta, Lamberto Bava, and Sergio Stivaletti will all be in attendance! We will have details soon on the exact screening time, but it will be shortly after the convention ends on Sunday.

And don’t forget to follow Bobby Rhodes on Facebook and Youtube! Or else! (Actor Page) (Fan Page) (Youtube Page)




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