Symphony Of Fear by Docion Alucarda

From time to time we’ll feature guest editorials from our fans and other folks in the community. To start things off here is a piece by our friend Docion Alucarda.


In 1995 when For Lucio Fulci: A Symphony of Fear was a mere idea tossed back and forth by myself and Shawn Lewis, it was very primitive. Our goal was to assemble a nice forty minute program, containing eight to ten cuts by several artists local to us from either side of the USA. It was a notion born of our passion for these films, and how we were inspired to do creative things as a result of the startling influence that we had gotten from them as youth. We NEVER considered the overwhelming international response our little suggestion for a tribute record would generate. Within months of announcing an as yet untitled Lucio Fulci project album it became apparent that our little idea had taken on a life of it’s own and become something much greater than either of us could have conceived, dreamed or hoped for. We were both excited to somehow inform the Maestro of this labor of love, but sadly the world lost him before that came to pass.

So many amazing artists offered their support and belief in the Symphony of Fear, and a barrage of talented people were enthusiastic to participate. In all between supplemental materials and music tracks we received around three and one half to four hours of material. From these, only one or two music works were unprofessional enough to not be included. When it came time to press we struggled to decide what had to be cut because nearly everyone had sent us something remarkable. We wound up shelving all kinds of great supplements and a good number of fantastic music tracks because we simply couldn’t afford to print it all.

As for accolades, these are due to everyone. We sparked the concept, believed in it, worked hard on the assembly and making it flow. What made it so outstanding were the musicians from many cultures and walks of life, who poured their hearts into it with finesse, originality and a startlingly consistent attention to quality and respect for the material. It is the collective work of that kindred spirit that makes For Lucio Fulci: A Symphony of Fear so special. Between the designer, performers, sound engineers and supplemental contributors, the liner notes were quite literal in stating that it was the result of efforts from approximately 200 people.

Today many of Lucio Fulci’s films and the works of other European genre artists receive much more respectable video releases, and the elements are handled with greater care for restoration and preservation. I hope in some way that SOF contributed to that by bringing attention to this type of cinema from a different angle, and it is my intention for the new version to both allow the unreleased materials to at last be heard, and also continue to help in popularizing the movies as relevant works of art. I’m sure Shawn feels the same way.

Evidence by current response to the revamped edition is that the Symphony of Fear still lives, breathes and grows. Today with the Redux in progress Shawn and I are both thrilled to know that both the career and films of the Maestro, and the sentiment driving the project continue to inspire.

To everyone who has been or wishes to be a part of this global celebration of music and film, I couldn’t ask to be at the hub of anything more humbling and beautiful. It has given me an international family who have proved as a collective we could do more than make a simple tribute album, and instead create an extraordinary and awe inspiring work of art in it’s own right to share with the rest of the world. Today I call it the soundtrack of my life. For that I thank you all.



Shawn Lewis

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