Rotten Cotton @ Monsterpalooza 2013: The Art of Monsters



It’s convention season and Rotten Cotton is on the prowl. One memorable stop we made was in Burbank, just north of Hollywood where Cinema’s most talented artists and craftspeople posted-up in the Marriott Convention Center to mingle with fans, celebrating the art of movie monster effects. Check out our fearless leader Shawn slingin’ tees in the Rotten Cotton booth at about the one minute mark, right next door to Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio A. Tsoukalos(!).



The Marriott was packed, but we managed to get this raw video and location sound. Needless to say, this was a fraction of what was there. Too many artists to credit, from in frontta and behind the scenes. This is a truly special event showcasing some of Hollywood’s most talented artists.

This is it, people. These are the movie makers. The makers of dreams! The catalysts of nightmares! Monsterpalooza is a chance to see the state of special-effects make-up art at the epicenter of film and television production. You gotta expect cosplay to be at its most eye-popping, and weirdly humbling. We focused mostly on the great sculptures though, wow! Gee! 😀

We are definitely coming back next year. But… we can’t even wait for that. We’re counting down till October 11-13 of this year, when THE SON OF MONSTERPALOOZA returns to Burbank


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