Please note: Our shirts might get you arrested

Here’s an email from one of our customers, Derek Kenny that we’re reposting with permission as a guest editorial. Seems Derek was harassed this past weekend while just enjoying his freedom as an American to offend the shit out of random people with a fucked up ass shirt. I’ll let Derek explain:

“The fourth of July. A day celebrating our “independece”. A day where I, as a so called “american” should be allowed to wear whatever I please. Apparently, even on this glorious day, my freedom to choose, My amendment rights, my right as an “independent” person were hypercritically and wrongfuly attempted to be taken from me. With a question, with an apparent scare tactic, with possible arrest threats, physical threats, and the allowance of possible physical harm. I had the day to myself. Had my best friend with me and while i’m far from patriotic, wanted to go people watch (and girl watch) at the pickering wharf, among the large crowd of people, rocking all things red, white, and blue. Why couldn’t I stand freely at this public display like everyone else? Oh, because I was wearing a shirt deemed “unsuitable” for the general public. “I Fuck Nuns”. That was my shirt. Maybe it’s in, considered, poor taste depending on the person you are but like one passer who did like it said, “If they don’t like it… they shouldn’t look”.  For every disgusted face I would get from a member of the crowd, I would get a smiling one. People who don’t take life too serious. For everyone who sarcastically would say, “nice shirt”, I’d get someone who meant it. I had people asking to take pictures of me wearing it, one of which was a woman who was Catholic but said her “sister would love it!”. No big deal. Shouldn’t make one’s day come to a hault. Mind your buisness like i’m minding mine. After about two hours of hanging out against the wall of a building, Two of Salem’s finest approached me asking if I would turn the shirt inside out. After I found out my shirt was not “illegal”, I refused to do so. Upon answering that, The two cops then insisted that my two studded dog collars (turned into braclets) were weapons and when I handed them over without question, they still pondered arresting me for not knowing the laws and that it is my responsibility to learn all the laws… apparently by code (this law is supposably 269/10) but they decided not to “bring me in” once i questioned their motives having to do with my refusal to not remove my shirt upon request. They then basically told me that they would be watching me and if I did anything against the law (Such as public drinking… Yet, I don’t drink), they’d arrest me. After that, I had an angry mob of people, rocking their American flags and colors threatning violence against me and saying homophobic and very crude things. Swearing loudly and openly infront of the women and children they were trying to sheild from the filth I wore. My shirt is an issue but public displays of verbal hatred is perfectly acceptable. I’m sure more children their could hear his swears rather then be able to read them on my clothing. It got even further heated when i refused “orders” by these brave civilians and they felt the need to threaten to “kill” me and then two of them got face to face with me and threatened physical violence and one even pretended to throw a punch. After the “tough guys” realized they weren’t as intimidating as they thought, they tucked tail and left, still mouthing off about sexual orientation and other bone headed statements and as they dissapeared into the sea of red white and blue shirts, another cop came over and informed me that i was not allowed to make comments to anyone and when I asked where he was when they were threatning to physically assualt me, he boldly stated that he “Didn’t see anything” with a smug look on his face. Clearly, The Salem police, not liking the fact that even with their intimidation tactics which may work on teenagers, were on the end of a losing battle of my freedoms, they were going to allow me to be assualted if need be. Hell, I could have been stabbed or shot, who knows… But they clearly were not in any rush to come to my aid. I was not a big fan of the police force in general but tonight shed a whole new light on this disgrace. Protect and serve? They protect only whom they want. It’s not equal. And on a day such as this, the Fourth of July, the independence of a FREE nation, I was threatened for expressing my freedom. The people rockin’ the red, white, and blue should really look back and study the history of what AMERICA is suppose to stand for.. not use it, on holidays such as this, as just an excuse to get drunk and light off fireworks while stuffing their faces with hotdogs. It use to mean much more than that. As for the police, after all the years of discrimination and prejuidice and such over the years, all over the world, you’d think eventually some would do the job they took the oath to uphold… the protection of our rights… Apparently, not all of us have rights.”

-Derek Kenny



Be sure to snag your own I fuck Nuns shirt and try not to get your head caved in by an asshole.

Chuck Bird

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