Jews Be Runnin’ Tha Muthafuckin’ Media

Jews Be Runnin’ Tha Muthafuckin’ Media

By Mubia Abul-Jama

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And fo’ a buncha persecuted motherfuckers, thay sure ain’t gots no problem puttin’ they foot down on tha neck of tha black man. And let’s be muthafuckin’ honest ‘bout dis shit…. them Jews may have been sent to them consecration camps back in WW2, but dat shit only lasted from 1941 to 1945. Four years? Niggas wuz slaves in America fo’ damn near 250 years, fool! And I know them Jews be claiming day lost ‘bout 6 million of thay people, but I thank we all know how them muthafuckas like to exaggerate and blow shit all outta pro’portion and shit. You eva try and sell one them muthafuckas a car? But you know what ain’t been blown outta pro’portion? 4 million nigga slaves pickin’ cotton! Sheeee-it!!!

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Which is precisely why I think dat dirty Jew Zuckerberg who be runnin’ tha Facebook done pulled down my artistical, satirical, and First-muthafuckin-Amendment-protected picture ‘bout tha 4th of July and dumb honkies: Dat dirty Jew wanna protect tha white man while he oppress us “darkies*!”

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And then, just’ta rub it in my damn face, he sent me this shit!

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His thirst fo’ power thru media control is muthafuckin’ insidious! He sit on his throne on tha top of Hymie Mountain, pulling his internet strings, telling us all what we can and can’t say, what we can and can’t post, making us all do his muthafuckin’ yiddiot dance. But let me tell you, his Jesus-killin’ heeb chickens ‘bout’ta come home to roost. Shit’s ‘bout’ta get real up in AmeriKKKa.

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*Okay….maybe putting “darkies” in quotations might seem like I be implying dat Jew Zuckerberg use dat offensive and morally reprehensible racial slur. And fact be, I ain’t personally eva hear him say it. But he be lookin’ like tha kinda rye cracka who be usin’ it. Goddammit it, just look at him!

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