I Come in Peace – 90s Schlock Perfection.

I Come in Peace, or Dark Angel as it was called everywhere else in the world is a badass film. I saw this film for the first time when I was about 12. What I loved about it then and still love about it to this day is that it’s about a Houston cop who fights an alien drug dealer! We’ll have a shirt for this amazing film next month too! I’m so excited!

Let me lay this shit out. Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgren) is a Houston cop who doesn’t play by the rules! Caine’s partner gets killed by a drug gang in a botched under cover sting. These drug dealing scum operate above the law! The cops know they’re dirty, but they can’t prove it. But Caine is determined to bring them down though.

The drug dealers steal a shit load of heroin from an evidence locker building thing, then they blow up the whole damn building! The FBI gets involved and decides to partner Caine with by-the-book FBI agent Arwood “Larry” Smith (Brian Benben). Together they investigate the drug theft and later the murder of several drug dealers. Smith wants Caine to follow the book, but Caine ignores him. He’s got a hunch some real crazy shit is going down.

Caine’s right. He finds some crazy shit. The murder weapon in the drug dealer massacre is something not of this world! A razor-sharp vibrating CD that’s tuned to the frequency of human life. Also a series of drug overdose deaths that has everyone scratching their heads. The corpses are full of heroin, but the cause of death is not drug overdose. Caine and Smith don’t follow the book, and they end up on the trail of a vicious extraterrestrial drug dealer played by Matthias Hues!

The alien shoots his victims full of drugs and then uses a big ass spike to extract endorphins from their brains, synthesizing them into a super drug used by crackheads on his home planet. He is pursued by an alien cop (Jay Bilas), who warns Caine and Smith that if the bad alien is not stopped, thousands of intergalactic drug dealers will start to come to Earth to slaughter its population. Putting aside their differences, Smith and Caine team up to take the alien down!

Sadly, this film kind of flopped here in the states. However, It did pretty well elsewhere, especially on video and in Europe. This could be due to Matthias Hues who is just awesome and German, or the fact that the film is just plain fun. It’s a solid three star action film for sure, I wouldn’t rate it higher because of its kind of silly, yet even people who don’t especially like action films would probably enjoy it too. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine like Commando or MegaForce. Like I said before, when I was a kid this was one of my favorite action movies. The whole badassness you get from the Alien and his cool gear and weapons, combined with the 80’s action machismo just sell it for me. Overall this is a piece of simple entertainment. Don’t read too much into it and you’ll enjoy the shit out of it. Thankfully, you can snag this film under it’s original title off Amazon!

July 22, 2012 at the Houston Alamo Drafthouse, there will be a very rare screening of I Come in Peace on 35mm, if you’re in town you need to be there!


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