F.A.Q.s Regarding There Goes Da Neighba’hood!

Shawn Lewis recently released another updated on the Indiegogo page with F.A.Q.s about There Goes Da Neighba’hood! Check them out below verbatim (that means word for word for you sub-par H.S. Diploma muthafuckas). Also after reading through the F.A.Q.s (don’t just scroll through gatdamnit!) check out the first look with the newly released production still below!

As we near the FINAL THREE WEEKS of the campaign to raise funds for our 6-part, direct-to-DVD series “There Goes Da Neighba’hood”, we were thinking it might be a good time to tackle some frequently asked questions. And by all means, keep those questions coming!


“Will “There Goes Da Neighba’hood” be airing on TV?”

No. What we have planned will definitely be way too crazy for cable networks. We just really love the idea of taking the Mubia character to the next creative level by utilizing a traditional sitcom format and style. And by making it exclusively available on DVD, as well as video-on-demand, we are able to maintain complete and total creative control.

“What if this project doesn’t get funded?”

Then about a years worth of hard work gets put back on the shelf until we can somehow figure out another way to raise the funds. It really is that simple. And that could take ages. That’s why YOU are so key to getting this project funded and produced. WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE, WE NEED EVERYONE’S HELP. Please pledge and spread the word!

“You guys are the bastards behind the Rotten Cotton t-shirt company, the movie “Black Devil Doll” and the “Brawlin’ Broads” series! So ya’ll must be rich, right?”

WHAT? Uhhh….no. If that were true, we’d have gladly thrown down all the money ourselves. We’ve always been able to turn a profit, but we still gotta eat. The 75K that we’re trying to raise just covers about half of what we need for the actual production. Pre- and post-production is coming out of our own pockets. Our motivation has always been for the love of it, never the money.

“Why not just a sequel to “Black Devil Doll”?”

We still want to, and we imagine we will at some point down the road, but the idea of doing something completely out of left field and totally unique really appeals to us right now. The scripts and the whole concept behind “There Goes Da Neighba’hood” really has us fired-up, we are just sooooo into this. And honestly, we feel we’re at that point creatively where it’s time to skip the next round of baby steps and take a big-ass f’n leap. We feel like this is “The One” – the one where all our skills and know-how come together to create that one massively epic project that just shocks the holy hell out of everyone and leaves them saying, “WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!


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There Goes Da Neighborhood, Black Devil Doll

– 1985 A.D.

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