Deicide – To Hell with God

Deathmetal fans know Deicide quite well, and their latest album To Hell With God just came out today. Decide has always been steeped in controversy as they are vehemently anti-Christian. In my youth I was a huge Deicide fan, but I really stopped following them in the late 90s after their live album. Part of me grew up a bit and my hatred of religion become annoyance and I went from being an anti-Christian to being an atheist. However, a few years back they released Till Death do us Part, and I decided I should check out their other stuff. Nothing really blew my mind, but I kept them in my music rotation. There are a handful of good songs on the albums I skipped since the 90s, but like I said, nothing really amazing. I remember reading somewhere that Deicide wanted to exit their contract with Road Runner records, so they recorded a series of albums back to back. That might explain my lack of interest their last 6 albums.

Deicide’s newest effort however I feel is a departure from their previous stuff. To Hell with God is classic Florida deathmetal containing ten tracks that clock in at a combined 35-minutes of awesome. It has tight and concise guitar and a vocal styling that seems bring back the old school 90s style of Glen Benton’s vocal work. It’s a great blend of brutal deathmetal and something that can actually be understood. I’m very happy with album and it’s great to see Deicide return to form. I know this album was delayed, which is fine with me as the finished product is extremely polished and well produced.

As far as stand out tracks, the title track is great, as well as Witness of Death. How Can You Call Yourself a God is something sort of new for deicide, as it has a decidedly melodic tone to start with, which is pretty interesting and enjoyable.

I guess my only real gripe is the lyrical content is the same contrived retreaded satanic nonsense. I enjoy a good jab at religion, but satanism to me is the same as any other religion. I enjoy Deicide the most when they’re lambasting religion and questioning the existence of any deity, not so much when they’re praising Satan. I guess you have applaud their persistence as they’ve been wanting to kill god for 20 years now.

Check out Deicide’s Myspace for a few tracks from their new album, and grab a copy from amazon or itunes.

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