Crankenstein Reviews: Red To Kill (1994)

Red To Kill (Yeuk Saat) Directed By Billy Tang (1994).

Red To Kill is a Category III film that has all sorts of depraved, politically incorrect, insensitive messages and it truly deserves that rating! I felt that Rotten Cotton readers would really enjoy it!

Chi Wai Chan (Ben Ng), plays a rapist who happens to run a school for the mentally challenged, he assaults women anytime the color red is flashed. An especially hot retard (or hotard), Lily Chung plays Ming Ming the object of this serial rapist’s attention. She likes to dance, overfeed her fish and generally make adorable faces. Money Lo plays a social worker that’s placed in charge of her welfare at the school. The other cast of characters comes off like an Asian version of The Kids Of Whitney High and it’s difficult to tell if they are really mentally challenged or just pretending, nonetheless its pretty jaw droppingly offensive. One ball handling pedophile almost attacks a little girl on a creepy dark staircase (that is used by Chan to attack his victims), but she kicks him in the balls!


Taking Chinese Retards to The Zoo

During a talent show, unfortunately Lily is not so lucky, her outfit accidentally instills the urge to rape in Chan, who traps her in the same overly blue lit stairwell and viciously assaults her. She portrays the innocent mentally handicapped role effectively and Ben Ng seems to really enjoy playing a demented sadist!

There’s a horrid and erotic scene in Red To Kill that will force you to think “Did I just watch that?” as Lily takes a razor and abuses her beaver without mercy!

What no the shaving cream?

What no the shaving cream?

The cinematographer (Tony Miu) goes out of his way to light everything in a titillating fashion, it makes you feel guilty for enjoying the color spectrum and the unpleasantness. Then again in a Category III film, you shouldn’t watch one if you are looking for pulled punches and delve into the slime pit of worm ridden filth! No apologies necessary!


They Tell me I’m slow aye?

There’s a court scene reminiscent of Lipstick with Chris Sarandon and Margaux Hemmingway, if you saw that film you know what the verdict will be for a gutless rapist! Money Lo does a good job playing the social worker and her relationship with the children takes on a Todd Browning’s Freaks connotation, she looks out for them and wants to protect them. One way of accomplishing that in her mind, is dressing up as bait for Chan the rapist (going so far as to hold a red drink and dress all in red)!


Bloody Mary? Best served with vengeance

Chan is completely roided out and unhinged toward the end as he shreds his hair off with a straight razor. It’s never explained why he’s a hulking muscled freak, but child abuse and murder are the causes of his urge to kill. There is no sympathy for this spineless rapist and he receives a just punishment for his crimes.

As far as brutality goes in the Billy Tang cannon of flicks so far in my mind, this one far exceeds his other efforts (Run & Kill, Dr. Lamb)! It’s very stylish and at the same time gruesome and very depressing. Highly Recommended!

Blue to Kill?

Blue to Kill?


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