Cannibal Kitchen: My Favorite Halloween Finds On Etsy


There needs to be an Etsy addiction hotline. Am I right, or am I right? Within the first 5 minutes all willpower flies out the window, and within the next 30 minutes I’m usually getting a phone call from my banks fraud department wanting to know if I’ve been robbed of all credit cards. Don’t judge me. In order to make all your lives a little easier, I’ve spent the last couple of days investing blood, sweat, and tears into finding my top 10 favorite Halloween inspired trinkets courtesy of some unique Etsy sellers. Let’s be real though, Halloween inspired trinkets are cool year round. Happy shopping. Etsy Addicts Unite!


1) Steam Bath Factory
A Texas based seller who is big on Recycling and bringing the world some kitschy and creepy body care (Witches Brew Lotion, Spell Reversal Body Mist). Her range on scents is pretty great too. Bonus, a large portion of sales goes to a Cat rescue organization.





2) Folded Pigs
Over the years, I’ve had a lot of people ask me where I’ve gotten some of the dinnerware I use with my recipes. Well the secret is out, and the secret is Folded Pigs. I picked up a couple sets of theirs 5 years ago at a craft fair and I’ve been in love ever since. Not to mention, my items still look like they’re brand new. This company is not only quality, it’s perfect for the spooky little kid at heart trying to play adult. Make sure to scope out the top of her Etsy page as she is currently offering some Halloween specials on select items.




3) Studio Sweets
I love cupcake toppers. It’s a quick way to take a basic item and some drama to it. The reason why I was drawn to these Halloween toppers was because they were a bit different than your average finds. Studio Sweets makes all their items made to order, by hand, personal touches added by request, and on top of that they are completely edible.




4) Sokay Designs
I never fully understood the nail art craze until I stumbled across this seller. Now I want to cover my whole body in nail art. Starting with the two designs shown below, and then making my way through the rest of their site. It’s really that magical.




5) AJ Sweet Shop
This shop does stuff with soap that I never thought was possible. It’s so oddly beautiful that I almost don’t want to use it, but instead want to place it around my house just to trick people. Soaps are Vegan as well!





6) Lenny Mud
First off, this shop is named after their clumsy studio cat. Sold. Second, it consists of what I like to refer to as “Not your mama’s pottery”. Plus, they make cookie dunk mugs! Holy head explosion. Well played Lenny Mud, Well played.




7) Scrapbooking Our Dream
This shop has a focus on scrapbooking with a small section of cupcake toppers. However, one of the cupcake toppers they currently have in stock might hold rank in my heart. Not into scrapbooking in the traditional form? No problem. There is still a lot of traditional Halloween inspired decorations (at a real bargain too) that can be easily turned into cupcake toppers by a quick addition of a toothpick to the back of the design.




8) Yarning To Be
This shop specializes in unique knitted baby hats. Now I don’t have one of those, and I’m pretty sure babies are really just highly intelligent creatures who are plotting world domination, but at the end of the day these items are undeniably cute. Plus, I know a lot of you house little balls of world domination, and like to put cool Halloween inspired things on their heads. I wonder if she makes cat sizes?



9) Symbolic Imports
Ok, I get it. Not everyone wants soaps shaped like eyeballs, but instead prefers a traditional Halloween inspired soap. Well, Symbolic Imports has you covered with scents like sweet pumpkin spice, and candy corn. This shop also loves custom orders, and dabbles in scrubs, perfumes, and lip balms.




10) Burke & Hare Co.
This shop is the perfect balance of ladies who lunch, Victorian era, and the dark/mysterious allies that line city streets where people meet to tell dirty secrets. I love it.






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