Bullitt To The Head : The Movie That Changed The Game


Crime films come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. From The moment Bullitt’s stylized opening credit sequence begins with scrolling, transparent, bold letters filling the screen, and Lalo Schifrin’s pulse pounding jazz fusion theme, you know you’re about to witness a landmark in film, unprecedented, a game changer. It’s one of those films that ushered in the era of gritty realism in the genre. It’s a very methodical film, with brooding moments where we as an audience are left slightly in repose and All of a sudden you’re shaken from your seat with intense, jarring excitement. The film is quite the slow burn, boiling over in to an astounding example of film making.  Hardnosed dialogue, breathtaking editing, cold and calculated Characters. This film is quite the display, punctuated best in the infamous car chase scene where Steve McQueen’s 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback is in hot pursuit of the hit men and their 1968 440 Magnum Dodge Charger. This scene has to be one of the greatest action sequences committed to film. The entire sequence was crafted with the use of stunt drivers risking their lives including McQueen himself, wonderful camera work and sharp editing, pyrotechnics, all in-camera, on location, producing ten minutes of unforgettable movie magic. This film is what you would call a Police procedural, an attempt at being as authentic as possible ,transporting the audience in to a day in the life of the world of crime and investigation. McQueen and Director Peter Yates wanted that authenticity and they deliver. The commitment to storytelling and the unapologetic honesty of the actors’ performances cast a shadow like mood , creating an atmosphere that would go on to be imitated in crime films shortly following  Bullitt’s  success – most notably, The French Connection, Dirty Harry, and Death Wish.  Steve McQueen always composes himself in that definable manner of calm and cool, which lends so well to the believability of this character, almost like he was born for the role. They don’t call him The King of Cool for nothing.

Jarrod Cobey

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