Brand New “There Goes Da Neighba’hood” Updates!

Over the past few days we’ve had some very cool updates over at the “There Goes Da Neighba’hood” Indiegogo Campaign which include a nice bump in the donation goal as well as 2 BRAND NEW PERKS! So just in case you’ve had your head stuck firmly up your ass for the pass 3 days, you can thank me for compiling the updates in the post for you. Now shut up, click HERE, and donate to help make this superior, insanely amazing, almost inconceivably arousing, Black Devil Doll TV Sitcom of epic proportions! Bitch!

As always, for the ill-minded, retarded sack of dumb doorknobs I know most of you to be, I’ve made it very simple for you to generously donate your Unemployment checks, child-support payments, pot budgets, et al…


Brand New "There Goes Da Neighborhood" Updates!Brand New "There Goes Da Neighborhood" Updates!

                                                                                        CLICK THE PIC TO ENLARGE!

Brand New "There Goes Da Neighborhood" Updates!$40 Exclusive Mubia Tee

                                                                                                                   CLICK THE PIC TO ENLARGE!

Keep it locked here as well as on the OFFICIAL There Goes Da Neighba’hood Facebook Page and the Rotten Cotton Facebook Page to get all of the latest shenanigans surrounding this really cool endeavor by the Rotten Cotton crew!


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