Behind the scenes at our latest photo shoot with Marcy Horror!

A few weeks ago, most of Rotten Cotton’s Texas team got to take part in a photo shoot. This shoot is going to be the first of, hopefully, many. We’re bringing back the Rotten Cotton Girls to the site, as well as adding a bunch of photos to the products themselves. So, our first model was the awesome Marcy Horror. She’s a mainstay of the Texas horror scene and also a super cool chick. Her friend and talented photographer Lorenzo Chuca was kind enough to take some amazing photos the beautiful Marcy in a really cool location. We took some behind the scenes photos of the shoot and also conducted a little interview. We’ll start things off with that portion, and in a few days I’ll post of the photos from the shoot.


I am Marcy Horror, an Alternative Fetish, Fashion and Pinup model, also known for my various works in the genres of Art modeling, Runway modeling, Body Modification, Tattoo, vintage, contemporary and Burlesque modeling. You might already know me from several publications, websites, fashion shows, or maybe even from stopping by my booth at horror conventions.

Horror isn’t just my name; it’s a way of life. I absolutely LOVE horror, gore, exploitation, and all things dark or spooky; but I also love all things super cute and girly too, like the color pink, hard candy and playing dress-up just like when I was a little girl. I love to put clothes on and I love to take clothes off, and that is the reason I model to begin with.

Name: Marcy Horror.
Current Location: San Antonio, Texas.
Height: 5’3’’
Boobs: 34 DD
Hair Color: Blonde.
Facebook: Facebook
Zivity: Zivity
Model Mayhem: Model Mayhem

In no particular order, what are your top 5 favorite horror films.

Marcy Horror: For me gore flicks are the way to go, but I love the classics too. My top five favorites would have to be, in no order: Bad Taste, Evil Dead, Dead Alive, Nosferatu, and…Perhaps The Thing (1982).

When did you decide that you wanted to be a model?

Marcy Horror: Well I didn’t decide really, fate decided for me. A few years ago an independent horror film production company asked me to stand in on some promotional photos. After those images were released I immediately started getting offers from other studios and photographers who also wanted to shoot with me. That never quite stopped, and the rest is history

Have you ever been in any movies? If not, would you like to be?

Marcy Horror: At this time I am still a virgin to the world of film, but if and when the time comes, it would be super exciting to become a part of horror and exploitation movie history. Of course, for me to be in the cast, it would have to be a really fucking badass film!

What do you think is your best asset is as a model?

Marcy Horror: I would have to say that my greatest asset as a model is probably my desire to push the limits as far as they can go. I like to break the traditional mold of professional modeling and am always happy to take things to an extreme that tends to make most others uncomfortable.

If the zombie apocalypse went down tonight, would you be ready? Lay out your zombie survival plan.

Marcy Horror: Zombie apocalypse? I am always ready for that! I’d do it Dawn of the Dead style and lock myself up in the biggest shopping mall I can find that has a sporting goods store. I’ll have access to weapons, food, shelter, and I’ll be in the mall too, so I can pretty much just live happily ever after while I’m there.

Weapon of choice for zombie slaying?

Marcy Horror: Fuck, only one? It would have to be a tie then between a Chainsaw and an Ax. A chainsaw for sure because it’s a lot of fun, and I would love to feel the warm splatter all over my body as I chop them up. But an ax is way more personal; with an ax I can take my time and enjoy my zombie killing piece by piece.

What music are you listening to these days?

Marcy Horror: Recently I have been listening to a lot of Ghost, HIMSA, and As They Sleep. I like all kinds of music, so what I am listening to of course depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Sometimes I’ll listen to Type O-Negative, and sometimes you can even catch me listening to Ladytron.

How do you think the photo shoot went?

Marcy Horror: Our shoot was so much fun! Everyone from Rotten Cotton was a blast to hang out with, and I fell in love with each and every t-shirt that had the privilege of putting on, or taking off for the camera.

What was your favorite shirt you modeled for us?

Marcy Horror: I love the Bad Taste girly tank. Those tank tops are super form fitting and they make my tits look fucking great! Plus you can’t go wrong with Bad Taste.

Was it weird getting naked around nerdy Rotten Cotton staff?

Marcy Horror: Not at all. The Rotten Cotton staff was totally cool, and as long as everyone around me is comfortable then so am I. Nudity is literally the most natural and, in my opinion the most beautiful aspect of life. Nudity is simply a part of modeling. Once you just accept the fact that everyone has seen tits, ass and vaginas before, it’s really not a big deal unless you make it one.

If you could work with any photographer, who would that be. Also, tell us about that person and why they’re awesome. We have no fucking clue about photography.

Marcy Horror: Photographers I have not worked with already that I would really love to work with one day are: definitely Jeffery Scott, also Viva Van Story, and 666 Studios just to name a few. All of these photographers take their trade into the realm of art, and they produce crisp amazing vibrant images with outstanding depth attention to detail.

Tell us about your tattoos. How many hours? Who’s your artist?

Marcy Horror: I have a few tattoos to speak of; some are more meaningful than others, but I think they all look fucking fabulous. I have my entire left arm sleeved, and my right ribs/hip are inked up too. Both of my feet are covered, and I have a pretty good sized chest piece as well. I have no fucking clue how many hours, but the pain is addicting and I keep coming back for more. I go to Carlos G. at Four Horsemen Tattoo in San Antonio, Texas. I ONLY go to him, because that’s how much he fucking rules.


What is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex, and do you like it rough or gentle?

Marcy Horror: The craziest place ever? Although it’s not too shocking for me, I suppose that in the back of a hearse, or underneath the shadow of old tombstones in a cemetery would probably count, I’ve done both several times. And there is no doubt that I definitely like it rough! This Little Gurlieneeds to be punished by her big strong Daddy quite often. 😉

Jason or Freddy? Why?

Marcy Horror: Freddy hands down. He is welcome in my nightmares any time; there’s just something about a demonic patriarch coming to punish little girls in their underwear from beyond the grave that kind of turns me on.

What was your favorite and least favorite photo shoot?

Marcy Horror: I have no least favorite shoot. I am somewhat picky about who I work with so quality isn’t an issue, and I tend to enjoy myself at any shoot no matter what. But if I HAD to pick a favorite, of course it would be the fucking kickass shoot I had with Rotten Cotton!!!! You guys rule!

What would you love to see on the next Rotten Cotton shirt?

Marcy Horror: I would like to maybe see more Herschell Gordon Lewis movies on Rotten Cotton; maybe more underground exploitation flicks from the late 50’s early 60’s

Here’s your chance to plug whatever you’re working on or your site, go!

Marcy Horror: Check out, and follow my Facebook at You can also see some of my totally uncensored Alternative Pinup work at And don’t forget to look for me in such publications as Rabid Magazine, Petite Alternative, Radiant Inc, Sugar Heart Magazine, Atomic Bombshells Magazine, Sinical Magazine, Bella Morte, Alt Noir, Pinup Perfection, Fixemag, and Shock Horror Magazine. Not to mention many many more projects and publications to come that are in the works as we speak, so keep an eye open for me, and LONG LIVE THE HORROR!!!


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