The “Perks” of the Black Devil Doll TV Show

So you’ve been checking out the various different press releases involving the newly announced Black Devil Doll TV Show and you’ve scanned the Indiegogo site…but you are still undecided about donating or not sure about ‘how much’ to donate. Well aside from the obvious being that this concept is unbelievably fuckin awesome and worthy, there are many underlining factors that should help in your decision to fork over some of your Unemployment check to Shawn Lewis and Co. at Lowest Common Denominator (LCD) Productions.

First things first…the more money you give them the better. Secondly, if you were one of the assholes who pirated the first Black Devil Doll film (2007) through the web or received burned copies by equally fucktastic assturds you deserve the “Rodman Party Package” (more on that later). And lastly, its just the right thing to do if you are a horror/exploitation fan.

As I mentioned yesterday on the press release on the Official Rotten Cotton Blog:

“With the state of films today being the way that they are, it is hard for a fan of horror and exploitation to get their fix without having to grumble through uninspiring horror film remakes, dime-store ‘found footage’ films, and odious CGI monster schlock. Well now is your chance to contribute! Stop the complaining and help fund a worthy cause!”

So if the above-quote pertains to you (and it most certainly does to me) then that is more than enough reason to save the $8-$16 dollars that you would blow on a weekend viewing of a shitty Hollywood snoozefest and contribute to something pure, original, and downright awesome! Your help is definitely needed with this fully independent effort….and it will NOT go unnoticed or unappreciated! Shawn and the crew behind this nefarious endeavor have created some truly gnarly and one-of-a-kind perks for you to take advantage of with your generous donations. I will be highlighting each perk below with the appropriate links that direct you to them. And with that said…

Black Devil Doll There Goes Da Neighborhood Sitcom TV ShowBlack Devil Doll There Goes Da Neighborhood Sitcom TV Show

Black Devil Doll There Goes Da Neighborhood Sitcom TV ShowBlack Devil Doll There Goes Da Neighborhood Sitcom TV Show




– 1985 A.D.

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