An Interview With A Black Devil Doll

Black Devil Doll - Mubia Abu-JamaWell we are here. Today is the last day of the “There Goes Da Neighba’hood” Indiegogo Campaign. Despite the lack of all of you so called “fans” that have love for our beloved murderin’, thievin’, white girl rapin’ black puppet, we garnered just enough money to start Plan B of the forthcoming TV Sitcom. So for all of you that keep asking…YES, THERE GOES DA NEIGHBA’HOOD WILL BE MADE!!

We are still continuing to accept donations until the absolute end (August 03, 2013 11:59pm PT) so please help as much as you can, $1, $5, $5,000…or just pre-order your DVD/Blu-Ray copy of the show for a measly $30 by clicking here!

With the campaign ending today and the production of the show becoming much closer, I decided to track down Mr. Black Devil Doll himself, Mubia Abul-Jama, for a short interview to pick his brain on a few questions. Hesitant at first (he was getting ready for an appointment), the little negro puppet decided to speak to this “filthy wetback Mexican”. Suffice to say, I left in one piece with only a small indentation of a shiv right above my left kneecap.

So here it is folks! I do this crazy shit for you, the fans! Enjoy!

[Adam Delia – AD]: First off Mubia everyone is excited to hear you’ll be back to your old tricks of murdering, thieving, and all-out violent shenanigans on DVD again…what have you been up to between your last movie and the announcement of this new project?

  • [Mubia Abul-Jama – BDD]: Really ain’t none your damn business, Jose. But I gots an hour to kill befo’ my pedicure and hot iron appointment, so I might as well be co-operatin’ wit’ yo’ dumb ass. Mainly I be spendin’ my time drinkin 40s, smokin’ weed and fuckin’ dirty white bitches. Yo’ know, usual nigga puppet shit. But I also discovered dis thang called “scrap-bookin'”. You eva heard dat shit? You take these books and paste a whole buncha pictures of shaved white pussies in ’em. I like ta sco’ me an 8 ball of cocaine and work on dat shit fo’ hours. It’s very relaxin’!
[AD]: Mubia I have to ask, do people confuse you with the black devil doll from Chester N. Turner’s 1984 film? I hate to sound racist but…people want to know!
  • [BDD]: Fuck dat nappy-headed puppet fool! He a punk. And fuck dat ginger faggot Chucky too. You know that muthafucka slept over my crib once back in ’84. And when I woke up, that shifty bastard done stole all my weed! Gonna fuck him up good when I see him next.
[AD]: How have you been getting along with your co-stars Trent Haaga and Heidi Honeycutt? That Heidi is real easy on the eyes right? Could you introduce me?
  • [BDD]: Trent ‘ight, I suppose. But dat honky got a real strange thing ’bout cheese sandwiches. And he got one serious case of tha butthole breath. I appreciate snackin’ on a bitches butthole as much as tha next muthafuckin’ puppet, but you gotta floss yo’ shit and gargle! Heidi? That be one fine redheaded white ho. Dat bitch is a goddamn angel! And I ain’t introducin’ you SHIT. She would neva mingle with a filthy Mexican like yo’self. She been ta college and shit.
[AD]: Would you rather shoot Crokodil with George Zimmerman on Miami Beach or fuck Paula Deen in the walk-in of one of her restaurants?
  • [BDD]: What in thee hell is Crokadil? That another name fo’ PCP? I know you Mexicans be lovin’ dat PCP. And far as Zimmerman concerned, did you see little Trayvon’s girlfriend??? Bitch look like a muthafuckin burnt bullfrog! Zimmerman might have done dat nigga a favor. Paula Dean dat fat ol’ white broad dat always talkin’ shit ’bout niggas? Bitch can’t be sayin’ shit wit’ a 12 inch nigga puppet cock in her mouf!
[AD]: What is your favorite malt liquor? Let me guess let guess….Old English right? Or how do you say it..Ol’ E? Did I get that right? With the accent and little lean? 
  • [BDD]: Are you tryin’ ta be all cool and shit and relate to me, dummy? Why don’t you go cut my lawn and think ’bout yo’ embarrassing behavior here today. You push this nigga puppet…this nigga puppet push back. With a shiv.
[AD]: What is your process for staying motivated during the campaign for There Goes Da Neighba’hood?
  •  [BDD]: My motivation has always been white pussy, Jose. First thang I think ’bout when I get up in tha mornin’ and last thang I think about when I lay my puppet head on tha pillow. White pussy make tha muthafuckin world go ’round! In fact, I about had enough of you. I needs me to go get some that white pussy right now. Fuck you.

“There Goes Da Neigh’bahood” ends today on Indiegogo! If you want to be a part of indie film history you can donate and/or pick up a nice perk at the Official Indiegogo Campaign page!

Also follow Mubia Abu-Jama on his FACEBOOK PAGE, his TWITTER @BlackDevilDoll, and on the “There Goes Da Neigh’bahood” Facebook fanpage!


– 1985 A.D.

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